Our Product…

The KSG was designed to look like a tactical police or military style weapon but fell short because of the original selector switch, now it can be utilized as it was intended with our new #FTSS. Gun reviews will be upcoming from Swat and other firearm magazines/writers. It is made here in the USA with American craftsmanship and steel construction. These will be in full production by years end, we anticipate a lot of interest. the price will be $61.00 plus S+H and applicable sales tax. Now your tactical ‘looking’ KSG can also be Tactical.

(FTSS) Feed Tube Selector Switch

Our superior FTSS design will enable the operator to seamlessly transition from one feed tube to the next and back again as the situation dictates. This allows the operator to keep his eyes scanning and hands where they belong while engaged with his task/target/adversary.
Our functionally improved modification removes any need to break cheek weld or otherwise pause in any way trying to locate the FTSS, especially during a potentially serious/stressful situation.

What is the FTSS?

For use on all current KSG Shotgun models.

Our superior Feed Tube Selector Switch (FTSS) has an overall length of approx. 5.480″, and is a radical improvement over other variants, the original KSG switch is approx. 2.020″ overall.

Easy to install, just drop in, we supply a new screw with stainless steel bushing (designed not to inadvertently back out), this change eliminates the old complaints of the selector switch becoming loose after repeated use.

This is a first of its kind, well thought out improvement/extension over the original and is not merely a protuberance….

Works great with tactical gloves.

Positive indexing

This is a first of its kind improvement.Mark Shean, Former NRA LE Firearm Instructor

Don’t break your concentration, you need to remain focused, not fumbling under stress for a selector switch.

Up until now this has been a common aggravation for civilians as well as LE officers using the KSG shotgun, not anymore.

We firmly believe that this design change has the potential to save lives under stressful conditions. If you currently have any model Kel-Tec shotgun in your armory, or you are planning to have them, you should seriously consider our FTSS. We will send your department/agency a test sample for 30 days upon request. Contact us for more information. Pat. Pending, 62/159,719Mark Shean, Former NRA LE Firearm Instructor