Recently I was asked to try out and evaluate an ‘add on’ item for the KSG. The KSG is a Kel Tec shotgun with two feed tubes, a great idea for added firepower and ammo selection at your fingertips. The catch, as with any “too good to be true” idea, is that you need to remove your trigger hand from the shot gun to select a different feed tube/magazine tube, by flipping a small switch to the rear of your trigger hand. This catch, has always kept me from embracing the KSG as a tactical solution! Until an entrepreneur from the Massachusetts South Shore area asked me to “test” his idea.

Mark Shean and his son Mark, asked me to meet them at their local range. They handed me a KSG, ammo and the new idea. The Idea was a prototype switch/lever that allows you to manipulate the KSG Feed tube without removing your hand from the KSG pistol grip. After a short introduction and background on the item, Mark wanted me to install the switch on his KSG to show ease of installing it. The old selector switch was removed from the KSG and the new FTSS (feed tube selector switch) was installed using a 2.5mm ball allen screwdriver. Adjustments for the “knob” were accomplished with a 2mm allen wrench. After a short introduction on the selection process, needed to fire the correct feed tube chosen. I tried the new switch, on the KSG and used a variety of ammo. Mark’s idea is to change the selector switch out and replace it with a sort of elbow, ‘knob’ or ‘button’ combination, that takes the switch and places it between the thumb and trigger finger on your shooting hand. The elbow extends down and across to the web formed between thumb and finger and the round, half ball shaped ‘knob’ rest in the web of your hand. With a slight twist of your hand, which seemed natural, and rather quickly, I was selecting which tube fed the gun. This switch allowed me to choose between slug and buck, lethal and less lethal and any other combination I could want.

Mark’s FTSS was a hit with me right away. I told Mark, I had shunned the KSG for tactical applications, until I had tried this new idea of his. Until his switch was installed and I had tried it, I felt the KSG was too complicated for any serious defensive use. I felt like I only had a small shotgun, with extra ammo. Almost like I was carrying it in an extra ammo pouch. The FTSS allowed me to see the KSG’s potential for law enforcement, home defense and military application. With a flick of my hand/wrist I could change ammo delivery and now have a truly versatile/tactical firearm!

Lt. Ron ‘Z’ Zooleck, Ma. Plymouth County Sheriff Dept. Swat Team Tactical Commander


I did have a chance to use the FTSS with the larger button. I ran roughly 100 rounds through the KSG, and I must tell you the larger button is perfect for the size of my hand and knuckle. Combined with your video of best practice on “flipping the switch,”I now effortlessly select tubes almost instinctively, without ever losing sight of my target picture. The larger button provides just what I was looking for, a confident feel from a substantial switch placed right at my finger or more correctly my “knuckle tip.” Your modification eliminates the awkward, and sometimes cumbersome way of changing tubes with the original KSG designed selector switch.
Although I don’t foresee myself in any situation where I rapidly expend seven rounds and need to shave seconds before I can re-engage and neutralize the threat with another seven rounds, I think it is wise to adhere to the old adage of; “It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.”

Thank you for your modification. Wayne L.

Mark, fantastic product! Very intuitive and easy to use, this is what should have come on the KSG!


Trace, Kerrville Texas

Product received and installed, works FANTASTIC! – far better than the normal straight extension.

Thank you! Steve from Oregon.

I have used it at the range and it has sped up my delivering rounds down the range dramatically. Thanks again Mark!

Robert from Santee CA.

I love the FTSS. Never in my way, but always in the right spot.

Brody from Ohio

Mark, Received my FTSS switch today (after i went to range of course lol).. came home..install in minutes..thanks again for heads up on detent spring def made it simple..beautiful machine work… Makes it very easy to switch tubes cause the original you had very little leverage it took def action, only regret is you have to remove to dismantle but hey it still better than factory. Thanks man for your workmanship.

Alex From North Carolina

I like it very much. Its my favorite upgrade on my KSG

Jeff C. From Delaware

Hi Mark, thank you for the follow up! It works great for me!

Anthony D. From Texas

Mark, I appreciate the information, the screw that you sent with a KSG FTSS switch worked perfectly; we are very pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Eric M. From California

Thank you Mark for the follow up! I have had no issues with the FTSS or the screw provided. Not sure which “gen” i have. Thanks again, all good here.

Steve B. From Nevada

Yes the FTSS makes a big difference. I recommend it for anyone!

Antonio P. From Texas

Thanks for the personal touch of a text Mark. I’ve been working with the product and its GREAT.

Michael R. From California

Switch works like a charm Mark. Nice and positive in each position.

Clayton A. From Texas

Functions Flawlessly

Craig P. From Louisiana

This FTSS is a much better design. I’m now using it with my suppressed HD.

One side, IRP sub-sonics, on the other side.

reduced recoil too.

David S. (Owner – Discreet Ballistics) From New Hampshire

This selector is the only one that i have found so far that completely works, without awkward movement, with the shell defector. No problem.

  Ken. From Texas

Hi Mark,
The toggle switches arrived yesterday being the 24/01/2019 NZDT, so about 7 days in transit.
What initially impressed me about the FTSS was the ability for the operator to select firing tubes without having to break concentration or cheek weld by fumbling for the selector switch.
I must say that not only is your design elegant in its simplicity it is also aesthetically pleasing and manufactured to a high quality standard… and I freely admit to gleefully swapping out the original Kel Tec selector for your FTSS.
I also want to thank you for sending out the “flipper” as well that was greatly appreciated and now enjoys pride of place on my KSG.
Once again thank you for your prompt and outstanding customer service and your excellent product.

Gary- from New Zealand

Really cool product! Took 5 minutes to install after modifying the supplied 2.5mm hex wrench. Great job on fixing that awful stock selector switch!

Chad From Texas

The switch is tits, love it, best thing ever for that kel tech!

Richard From Indiana